Breeding rules:
Below are aoutlined our conditions for accepting breeding inquiries regarding our stud dogs:
Our stud dogs are bred exclusively to females registered and recognised by FCI. Prior to breeding we request all of the following documents from owner (s) of a female:
- Pedigree with valid classification as „brood bitch”
- valid kennel club membership card and proof of dues paid
- valid breeding certification/permit issued by ZKwP
- photocopy of female’s pedigree

Stud fees are negotiable on case-by-case basis prior breeding date and are payable by one of the following modes:
- full amount payable on breeding day;

Should mating produce no pregnancy, we accept for second mating and free of charge the same or different female conforming to other requirements as outlined above and belonging to the same owner within 12 months from date of non-productive breeding.
We provide free advertisement and assistance in sale and placing puppies born from our studs. Our studs cover naturally, effectively and no handling or assistance is needed.
As one of the measures to save our clients’ time and unnecessary travel expenses at the same time increasing chances of larger litters, we highly recommend testing all approved females for progesteron level prior mating to assure their readiness and successful conception of numerous puppies.
We require advance phone or email notice in order to accomodate all requests and inquiries.
Our page „Puppies” provides information regarding planned litters and available puppies so it is important that owners of brood females advise us about timeframe of future matings and whelpings thus making it easier for prospect new homes to plan their purchase as well as quick sale of litters. As we know from experience, many dedicated breeders as well as responsible pet homes are inquring about specific breedings a year or more in advance and are willing to wait so a bit of proactive approach goes a long wa







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